EPBC Act Assessments

EPBC 2014/7213

Proposed commercial development, including earthworks, construction of roads and services infrastructure in the Wirraway North Precinct, Essendon Airport, Victoria.

The proposed action is a controlled action under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) (EPBC Act). The controlling provisions are listed threatened species and communities (Sections 18 and 18A); and Commonwealth land (sections 26 and 27A). The proposed action involves the removal of native vegetation from the development site to facilitate the commercial development of the Airport.

On March 31, 2015, the proposed action received approval under the EPBC Act by the Delegate for the Minister for the Environment (Cth).

Management Plans associated with the approval can be accessed from the links below:

Construction Environmental Management Plan

Offset Management Plan

In accordance with the conditions of approval, Essendon Airport Pty Ltd must publish an annual report on this website addressing compliance with each condition, including implementation of any management plan. The annual report is due to be published within three months of every 12 month anniversary of the commencement of construction.

Annual Compliance Reports:

160805 Compliance Report 2016 - EPBC 2014-7213 (with attachments).pdf

170803 Compliance Report 2017 - EPBC 2014-7213 (with attachments).pdf