World Fuel Services Comes to Essendon Airport

03.04.2017 – 12:04 pm

World Fuel Services (WFS) are now providing all into-plane services at Essendon Airport, bringing a fresh approach to the aviation fuel business. This comes after WFS acquired ExxonMobil’s General Aviation assets in Australia and New Zealand on 1 March, 2017.

Essendon Fields CEO, Chris Cowan welcomes WFS and looks forward to offering customers an appealing competitive fuel offer.

"World Fuel Services are industry leaders and will bring a fresh approach to service and pricing to the aviation operators. We're thrilled to have the team on-board and welcome them with open arms," said Chris.

The company's mission is to create value for customers and partners by delivering innovative solutions with comprehensive flight operation solutions including contract fuel, trip support services, WFS aviation charge card, aviation insurance, and a rewards programme.

WFS are committed to developing and growing customer relationships across aviation, land and marine businesses.  Their 24/7 flight operations team is staffed with seasoned personnel who average more than 15 years in the aviation industry.