Building Activities and Works at Essendon Fields - What you need to know

31.03.2017 – 04:03 pm

Building activities at Essendon Fields require approval from the Federal Government’s Airport Building Controller (ABC). Tenant fit-outs, demolition works, advertising signs and earthworks are included in the definition of ‘building activities’ under the legislation and are also subject to approval from the ABC.

Essendon Fields is located on Federal land rather than State land, therefore the building approval process for all federally-leased airports is prescribed by the Airports Act 1996 and the Airports (Building Control) Regulations 1996.

It is the role of the Australian Government’s Airport Building Controller (ABC) to administer the legislation and all approvals for construction and other building activities.

The relevant ABC for Essendon, Melbourne and Moorabbin Airports is:

Mr Jadran Genda
Airport Building Controller
Airport Environmental Protection & Building Control Office – Melbourne
C/- GPO Box 594, Canberra ACT 2601
Tel. +61 3 8326 3380

A Building Permit, Works Permit or Demolition Authorisation must be sought prior to commencement of any works that are defined in the legislation as a Building Activity.

A Certificate of Compliance for Use/Occupancy is required for all works that are the subject of a permit by the ABC. A certificate of compliance must be issued prior to the occupation or use of a building or works.

Under the Regulations, some building activities are exempt from ABC approval. However, the ABC must still be notified of these activities via an application for an exemption determination.

Further information and application forms are available at the link below:

Please contact your Essendon Fields Property Manager if you have any queries.