Are you planning a public event within your leased area?

05.07.2017 – 04:07 pm

The use of an established building at Essendon Fields for a temporary event or public gathering must align with the building’s classification under the Building Code of Australia (BCA). For example, a large gathering within a hangar or office tenancy may not be compliant with BCA requirements for that number of people (such as fire services, egress or toilet facilities).

Building permits at Essendon Fields are issued by the Commonwealth’s Airport Building Controller. Approval for a temporary variation to an Occupancy Permit must be obtained from the Building Controller before the event proceeds.

Similarly, outdoor events must also be assessed by the Building Controller, to ensure that public safety is appropriately managed and any temporary structures are compliant.

The review of applications for public events require a minimum of two weeks to enable the Airport Building Controller to consider the information and to ensure any public safety issues are identified and appropriately mitigated.

To avoid disappointment or last-minute cancellation, Essendon Fields strongly recommends that tenants engage with the Airport Building Controller at the earliest possible opportunity at least two weeks before a proposed event. Contact or 03 8326 3380.

Alternatively, contact your Essendon Fields Property Manager for further information.