Fly Neighbourly Agreement

Aircraft noise will always arise as part of an airport’s operation, and while modern aircraft are becoming quieter, considerable ongoing attention is required to manage the noise associated with an airport.

While aircraft flight paths and responses to noise created by aviation movements are primarily the responsibility of Airservices Australia, EAPL takes a proactive approach to noise impacts on the community.  Currently, 21 operators have signed the Fly Neighbourly Agreement.

Initiatives undertaken by EAPL in conjunction with the Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG) include the implementation of the first Fly Neighbourly Agreement in Australia.

The following Essendon Airport Tenants have signed up to the Fly Neighbourly Agreement :

  • AeroRescue Pty Ltd

  • Agusta Westland

  • Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd

  • Amber Aviation

  • Coulson Helicopters

  • Crabtree Aviation Services

  • Erickson Air Crane

  • Execujet Australia Pty Ltd

  • Executive Airlines Pty Ltd

  • Free Spirit Airlines

  • General Aviation Maintenance (GAM)

  • Jenny Gust (Pilot)

  • JetCity Engineering

  • JETGO Australia Pty Ltd

  • Melbourne Helicopters PTY LTD
  • Par-Avion

  • Pearson Aviation Pty Ltd

  • Royal Flying Doctor Service

  • SGE International Pty Ltd

  • Sharp Airlines

  • Shortstop Jet Charter Pty Ltd