In January 2010, Essendon Airport PTY LTD (EAPL) established a Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG). The CACG replaced the Essendon Airport Noise Management Working Group.

The CACG is the primary community consultation forum for noise issues.

Attendees at the CACG meetings include:

  • The member of Federal Parliament for the seat of Wills
  • The member of State Parliament for the seat of Essendon

  • A local Ward Councillor for Moonee Valley City Council

  • A community representative nominated by the Federal Member for Wills

  • A community representative nominated by the Federal Member for Maribyrnong

  • Two senior representatives from EAPL.

  • Representatives of Airservices Australia and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development are invited guests at each meeting. The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman has also attended meetings of the CACG.

Initiatives undertaken by EAPL in conjunction with the CACG include: 

  • Implementation of the first Fly Neighbourly Agreement in Australia;
  • Local fly neighbourly procedures to encourage helicopter operations at the northern end of runway 17/35 to use the green belt area;
  • An EAPL staff member spending the night at the home of a local resident to gain a better understanding of the noise issues that were impacting on this particular person;
  • Arrangements were made for another resident to meet the CEO and Chief Pilot of a local airfreight company to discuss their concerns and gain a better understanding of this particular business;
  • A new engine test site which uses the existing formation of the adjacent freeway overpass to absorb noise was trialled and is now a confirmed location for engine test runs.
  • Publication of a Community Information Booklet

The Terms of Reference for the Group is available here.

EAPL's annual report of stakeholder engagement activities for the period FY2016-2017 is available here.

Minutes of meetings will be made available on the Essendon Airport website after approval by the Community Aviation Consultation Group.

CACG Meeting Minutes 21.11.14

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Noise Statistics March 2015 - March 2015

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Results of Environmental Dust Deposit Monitoring 10/2/2016 to 11/4/2016

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