Airservices provides a tool called WebTrak on its website which allows you to access flight activity of most aircraft over metropolitan areas.  Using a map to display surrounding suburbs within 55km of a selected airport, WebTrak  allows  you to view information about arriving and departing aircraft, ranging from 40 minutes to three months ago.  Limited emergency operations are not always shown on Webtrak.

 You can also:

  • locate your street address to have your home appear on the map
  • see noise levels of individual aircraft
  • view information about the aircraft including aircraft type, height, origin and destination
  • display an aircraft’s flight path and point of closest approach to your home
  • zoom in and out down to street level

How does it work?

WebTrak uses information from air traffic control secondary surveillance radars to monitor aircraft space:

  • within 55 km of the airport
  • Up to a height of 30,000 ft above mean sea level (AMSL)

Aircraft noise data is downloaded daily from noise monitors strategically located about the communities close to the airport.

Airservices Australia operates a noise monitor in Essendon. Data from this monitor can be downloaded daily from WebTrak. Source Air Services http://webtrak.bksv.com/mel

WebTrak is a time delayed graphical overview of aircraft movements over various locations in Australia (provided by Airservices Australia).

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